With their only and unique place in your house, that is the floor, carpets are exposed to all sorts of extreme harsh treatments, dirt, spills, heavy traffic, and of course damages at some points.

Damages to carpets can any of the following reasons:

  • Water damage
  • Carpet burn
  • Pet damage
  • Berber carpet
  • Carpet stretching

As the carpet gets damaged many people keep thinking about only one thing, “soon I should buy me a new one to replace this carpet”.

WAIT, don’t do that, carpets can be repaired, restored and given another life, they will look as good as they were before and you won’t have to spend so much by thinking of replacing the entire carpet. Solutions for every type of damage is available. In Carpet Solutions we can restore repair your carpet for you and you shall be happy with the results, we will save you a big loss with simple and efficient solutions.

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