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Find answers to your most common questions pertaining to our carpet & upholstery cleaning solutions.

How Often Should I Clean My Carpet?2021-12-20T17:40:59+04:00

There is no rule in this, it depends all on how often is the carpet used, the traffic on it, and its location, for example, a carpet in a children’s room is not the same as in your own bedroom when it comes to the traffic or stains that occurs on it.

But in general and for normal use and traffic on your carpet, think of it as making an appointment with the dentist, if you don’t treat problems instantly you may end up with serious issues, permanent stains, bad smell, discolouration and damage.

Regular home carpet maintenance would ideally be every four (4) to five (5) months here in the UAE, considering the dust and humidity and indoors conditions. If carpets get a nasty stain of food, wine or any beverage, it is recommended to seek professional help and advice immediately, especially for wool, or expensive carpets such as silk, the more the stain remains on the carpet the more it becomes permanent.

Why Shouldn’t I Clean My Carpet Myself?2021-12-20T17:40:53+04:00

Even though it seems a very good idea, in the beginning, washing your carpet yourself may turn to a bad experience, especially considering all the small carpet cleaning machines available now in hardware stores, homeowners do take it for granted that they can do the job well enough.

Well sorry, think again, cleaning your carpet alone using unknown cleaning products and using the wrong technique, may lead to several negative outcomes, ranging for bad results where stains won’t go away, bad smell as the drying is not done properly creating fungus and bacteria, to a worst-case scenario which is damaging permanently the carpet, its colour, texture and value, especially for the hand made ones. Seeking Carpet Solutions services’ would spare you a lot of issues in this regard.

How Long Does It Take for My Carpet to Get Cleaned and Delivered?2021-12-20T17:40:47+04:00

Having a fully cleaned and dried up carpet depends really on the texture of the carpet itself, thickness, material from which it’s made, some carpets may take way longer than others to dry, wool carpets, Viscose carpets remain a challenge to clean and get them dry very fast, in fact, the maximum time to dry should be allowed for these types of carpet or any similar, they may take up to five days for a full cycle. For synthetic carpets, they take as little as 2 hours for a full wash and drying process.

Why Do Stains on My Newly Cleaned Carpet Comeback?2021-12-20T17:40:40+04:00

This a very common problem for carpet cleaning, what you actually see is called a WICK BACK, this phenomenon occurs a few days after cleaning when the stain resurfaces due to poor carpets drying process after wash where the carpet hasn’t dried properly, the stain particles sink at first then reappears after the drying is completed. When dirt and soil are in the carpet pad, fibres act as a wick, absorbing the stain and dirt and then lifting them back to the surface.

Why Does My Carpet Have a Foul Smell After Washing?2021-12-20T17:40:32+04:00

Bad smells after washes do occur when the carpet is not treated professionally, some homeowners like to wash their carpets at home using unprofessional or traditional methods, even though they could succeed to a certain extent, the cleaning products used and drying process remains the biggest challenge, a wet carpet waiting to dry for few days will accumulate more dirt, soil and bacteria, these are the perfect combination to generate the worst smells possible. In Carpet Solutions we have the technics and machinery that dries up to 95% of your carpet and we leave to have its finish drying process in our especially air-conditioned hanging area, which allows the carpet to dry naturally.

Do You Clean Only Home Carpets Only or Do You Offer Other Services as Well?2021-12-20T18:05:32+04:00

At Carpet Solutions, we offer a wide variety of services, we clean movable carpets in our specially designed facility, and we do as well onsite carpet cleaning for homes, hotels and offices. Upholstery (sofa) cleaning service is as well offered, our team of experts will come to do the cleaning onsite, and the results will be visible instantly.

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