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History of Persian Carpets


Before we get into how the carpet is treated, taken care of, and washed, let’s look at the history of these prestigious Persian carpets and rugs.

Persian carpet or Persian rug also known with the name Iranian carpet, the textile composition of these carpets are made of a variety of uses and symbolic purposes and they are historically produced in Persia, Iran present days.

Persian carpets have evolved from being a simple floor covering to protect the nomadic tribes back in history from cold and damp weather to being appreciated and adopted for use by noblemen and kings throughout history, Persian carpets have become a sign of nobility, wealth, prestige, and distinction.

Nowadays, carpet weaving is the most widespread handicraft in Iran, Persian carpets are being famous for their rich colours, variety of spectacular art representation, and artistic patterns all combined with an excellent quality of design and fabric. All over the world, Persian carpets are considered amongst the most treasured possessions.


Persian Carpets

Care and Cleaning of Your Persian Carpet

Oriental rugs and carpets originated from countries like Iran, China and India. They are known for their rich colours, rare and unique designs, in fact, today they are widely used in thousands of homes across the world, they come in several shapes, varieties and colours. They come in many materials in fact they can be made out of wool, cotton, silk or even synthetic material.

Using an oriental Persian carpet or rug in your home decoration will bring life to the room and will add a lively touch to your home, the living room or the seating room will be nicely defined, adding a cosy and warm welcoming to you and your guests.

Like most rugs and carpets, Persian carpets are very prone to dirt and misuse, using the proper technique and seeking help from professionals is highly recommended in order to keep your carpet clean and have a long life.


Persian Carpet Cleaning Dubai


Label check is a must prior to any Persian and oriental rug or carpets wash, and this is no exception for the Persian carpets, tags and labels that are usually placed at the back of every carpet by the manufacturer will give a detailed description of the carpet made material, best practices for the wash and precautions to be taken into account.

If the cleaning is meant to be for Persian silk carpets, it is highly recommended to seek advice and cleaning to be done by professionals, the last thing you want to do is damage your Persian Iranian silk carpet permanently.


Persian Carpet Vacuuming


Vacuuming and constant care of the carpet are very much needed. Vacuuming your Persian carpet regularly at least once a week will prevent the fibres from packing down, becoming a rigid and hard surface and carpet patterns looking out of design.

Vacuuming the Persian oriental carpet should be done on both sides in the direction of the fibre and not against it, repeat this process 3 to 4 times and apply extreme caution during the process, using the right brushes for the purpose is a must it is highly inadvisable to use revolving industrial brushes on Persian carpets as damage is permanent and irreversible

NOTE: It is NOT recommended to frequently vacuum antique silk Persian carpets as it can damage them and affect their high value.


Sunlight Damages to Carpet & Methods to Protect It

Sunlight Damages

Usually homeowners’ are not aware of this important detail, and how important it is to keep carpets and mainly Persian and handmade ones from direct sunlight. This practice over time will lead to colour fading and possibly permanent damage to the texture as well, rotating the carpet once a month is recommended, at least the colour fading will be even if it has to happen.


Persian Carpet Cleaning - Colour Bleeding

Carpet Colour Bleeding Vs Colourfast

The phenomena of carpet bleeding are very likely on Persian and handmade carpets, it is recommended to run a test prior to any wash and most importantly read the labels from the manufacturer or producer, some carpets are colourfast and won’t bleed while others will.

For carpets that are not colourfast, it is advised to do a light cleaning and avoid getting carpet wet or use any sort of chemical, remember natural fabric such as silk in oriental, handmade Persian carpets are very sensitive to this kind of treatment.


Carpet Cleaning Furniture Mark

Furniture Marks

Leaving furniture sitting on oriental Persian carpets for a prolonged period of time would lead to permanent marks and rundown the fibres and damage it. To prevent this from happening, move your furniture around every 6 months, the tear and wear will be even.

At Carpet Solutions we have the knowledge and the expertise in treating these types of carpets. We have had customers who approached us with concerns about their carpets and we managed to save quite a few that were already damaged from previous washes or wrong cleaning approaches. Care and consideration is the key to a good and professional cleaning.

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