Best Sofa Cleaning Dubai


Best Sofa Cleaning Dubai

Restore & Protect Your Sofa With the Best Sofa Cleaners in Dubai

Homeowners do forget usually when they bought their sofa, all furniture comes from the factory with anti-spill and stain protection and is made ready for sale. With time, day after day that factory-made protection disintegrates and wears out, leaving your sofa vulnerable to the smallest drop of stain. At sofa cleaning Dubai, we have worked with all kinds of sofas along with cleaning and maintaining them.

Homeowners and sofa users don’t really realize the amount of dirt particles sofas do accumulate, you might clean your house floor tiles, kitchens, fridges, and so on, but you will almost never think of cleaning your sofa, in fact, homeowners think of cleaning their sofas once a year or maybe even less than that, not realizing the dirt that’s embedded in their sofas that had built up over time.


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We are the experts in cleaning:

  • Sofas
  • Chaises
  • Delicate or antique fabrics
  • Leather

Skin flakes, grease patches, food particles, drink drops, and even aerosols that you have used to deodorize your home, all and more end up on your couch. All of this along with the humidity and dust present in the humid air will create the perfect environment for germs and allergens to form and lay dormant inside your sofas waiting for a suitable host from your beloved kids, or pets to be a suitable host.

Our Professional Sofa Cleaning will

  • Extend the life of your sofa.
  • Remove household dust and dust mites.
  • Remove unpleasant odours.
  • Re-vitalise sofa colour.
  • Remove stains.
  • We base our cleaning service on customer satisfaction and look forward to seeing you.

Talking about sofa cleaning, we usually think only fabric made sofas, but actually many varieties are there that can make a sofa. Leather or mimic-leather sofas is one of the commonly used materials to make a sofa and should be maintained regularly and in very a special and different way than regular fabric sofas.

Upholstery Cleaning Dubai

Leather products add a touch of elegance and decor to living rooms or office spaces, they are usually way more expensive compared to standard fabric. Leather sofas require special types of cleaning products, any wrong usage of a poor quality cleaning products on them you will end up with big damage to the leather fabric. Leather is a naturally porous product, discolouration, misshaping is irreversible in many cases and come at a very high cost, there’s no way around seeking help from professionals in this type of work. In Carpet Solutions, being professional sofa cleaners we have dealt with all sorts of dirt and soils that may affect your sofa, we have the right experience, knowledge, tools and products to help maintain a clean and hygienic sofa.

We can provide:

  • Fabric protection treatments
  • Tough stain removal
  • Anti-allergen treatment
  • Dust mite treatment
  • Our standard Upholstery Cleaning Process
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